WIN Government Contracts, in 4 Steps!

Discover the secrets to consistently winning government contracts with GovCon Plug and Play's comprehensive coaching and training services. Maximize your success in the competitive world of government contracting and achieve your dreams!

I will teach you a step-by-step System that wins Bids After Bid

Step 1 - Solicitation Hunting - sets the foundation as you learn how to implement filters to streamline the elimination process.
Step 2 - Subcontract Browsing  - learn to outsource a multitude of services to meet the daily 92,000 job postings.
Step 3 - Proposal Submitting - acquire the knowledge required to submit proposals that properly align with pricing preferences via effective communication and follow-up.
Step 4 - Project Management - uncover the art of excelling as the "Middle Man" smoothly crossing the FINISH LINE.


I Am Ready To WIN More Bids....
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The Middleman Holds the Key to Strategic Success

Many of us find ourselves enrolled in the esteemed educational institution of YouTube University, tirelessly striving for success but often ending up with disappointment and misleading promises. Fear not, as I shall now reveal the KEYS to unlock the secrets of Successful Bidding.

"Your success is on the other side of these principles." 


You watched the free videos and are thinking, what’s next…?

Simple, choose the career path that best fits you!

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I Like To Do Things Myself

Our GovCon Navigator Essentials Course was made for the DIY personality. 

GovCon Navigator Essentials Course
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I Want to Work with a Teacher

Join our Virtual Training Workshop, where you will get a complete breakdown of the step-by-step process.

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I Want The One on One Mentorship!

Enter the Champions Circle! A personalized  VIP concierge experience.

Champions Circle Mastery Program

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GovCon Navigator Essentials Course


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Do it-yourself guide with Plug-and-Play simplicity!

Learn how to Win Government Contracts in an Easy and Efficient way

Develop Strategies with a Step-by-Step Guide, Valuable Resources, and Tools

Take Advantage of Resources normally Limited to Large Corporate Organizations

Receive a Personalized Roadmap to Help you get Government Contracts Quickly and Consistently


GovCon Navigator Pro Package


Enroll Now for 1on1 Coaching
Hands on training that will help you bid!

Terminology Understanding: Speak the language of government contracting with confidence.

CRM: Best Project Management Resources: Unlock the tools and strategies for seamless project execution.

Step-by-Step Process Breakdown: We've got you covered, from finding the correct solicitations to submitting a winning bid and managing the project.

Systematic Winning Strategy: Discover a proven system that has consistently led to success. EIghty-Eight hours of class time

Champions Circle Mastery Program


Join The Champions Circle
2 Classes per Week for 2 Months. Limited Opportunity!

Build Your Own Profitable Business From Scratch With My Proven Step By Step System

Done-For-You Bid Pipeline Starter Kit (3 New Bids a Week)

GovCon Navigator Essentials Course Included with Lifetime Support from Lashawn & Community

*BONUS* Customized Communication Template

*BONUS* Customized Client Management Tool

*BONUS* Organizing Outreach Template

Are you a small business owner looking to take that next step towards professional growth? The government is actively seeking reliable vendors to outsource their services and products, and they have a budget to meet every year. You must not miss this dream opportunity! 

As someone who has secured over 30 lucrative government contracts in just 15 months, with ongoing contracts lasting for 4 to 5 years, I can assure you that this is an opportunity that can change your business forever. I have a proven track record in real estate and processes, and I want to share my expertise to help you succeed as well.

The best part is that the information regarding these profitable opportunities is publicly available. Join my workshop and collaborate with me to unlock top-notch government contracts. Together, we can work towards building a trustworthy reputation for your business and securing a prosperous future.

By acquiring expertise in government contracting, you can benefit from my proven systematic approach. I have developed a refined process that consistently leads to success, and I will be there to support you every step of the way. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Take the next step towards professional growth and success!

Check out our GovCon Fundamentals eBook

Solicitation Shopping: Master the precise method for discovering lucrative deals and effectively discerning their value, ensuring your time and effort are wisely invested.

Subcontractor Selection: Discovering subcontractors and effectively conveying the requirement for government quotes

Bid Proposal: Submit the bid to the government to generate profit. Project Management: Strategies for effectively managing contracts that are one-time jobs or recurring

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Contracting Coaching FAQs

What is so special about bidding on Government Contracts?

It is special because it provides you with valuable knowledge and practical strategies to bid on government proposals successfully. We aim to empower small business owners by helping them secure and outsource government contracts, making it accessible for anyone to learn.

Can I actually win a Federal Government Contract?

YES! We show the relevant and applicaple steps. The government outlines the necessary requirements in every solicitation. It is imperative to adhere to the specified rules and guidelines. --- FOLLOW THE RULES!

Why not local or state contracts? Why do you focus on federal contracts?

The federal government holds significant financial power and influence.

How do I find Contracts to bid?

Visit for free access to search.

How much experience is required?

Experience is not necessary. With effective communication and leadership skills, you have what it takes to submit a winning proposal.

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